Food Industry Technical Management Services for Food Manufacturers and Handlers in Inverness , Grampian, Highlands & Islands, Moray & The North of Scotland

Food Technical Services Offered Food Technical Services Benefits

Project work, part time Technical management, adhoc support,
advice, mentoring or training:

Basics for “start up” food businesses and statutory requirements. (more)
Factory design and building projects. (more) (examples)
Product, process, and factory development. (examples)
Cleaning and hygiene systems. (examples)
UK and foreign labelling compliance and food legislation. (examples)
Improving yield and pack quantity (giveaway) controls.
(more) (examples)
HACCP guidance and mentoring.
Gaining technical acceptance of product and premises. (examples)
Assistance with site certification including: BRC, SALSA,
Organic and others. (more) (examples)
Technical staff team building and development. (examples)
Food safety, microbiology, chemistry, allergen, quality and
process management systems. (examples)
Specifications writing/approval for customers and suppliers.
Enforcement Authority (Eg FSA, EHO, Port Authority)
issues and problem solving. (examples)
Specialist witness services.
Training - Bespoke / Royal Environmental Health Institute
HACCP & Food safety courses, Levels 1 to 3. (more) (examples)
Environmental management. (more)
We offer a broad range of confidential (more) support tailored to you requirements; at budgets to suit, and without the complexity of fixed term employment.
More competent staff.
More efficient and appropriate
plant and processes
Greater ability to meet the
demands of customers.
Higher confidence in products.
Increased ability to access markets.
Better legal compliance and due diligence.
At budgets that suit and without the complexities of fixed term employment.

We offer a broad range of confidential support tailored to your requirements and backed up with networks of technical and legislative expertise.

Example projects listed by project type [view].

Example projects listed by client type [view].

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Provider of food industry technical management services – technical support and advice – food factory staff training Food Industry project work: Food Factory build projects, Food factory design, Food Process development, Food Process improvement, Food quality management systems, Food factory cleaning and hygiene systems. Food safety systems, Food microbiological issues, Enforcement authority issues and achieving technical acceptance - Meat hygiene service MHS, Environmental Heath EHO, Trading Standards TSO, Gaining accreditation: BRC, British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard, Organic Food standards, SALSA- Safe and local supplier assurance, Mentoring for accreditations: BRC, British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard, Organic Food standards, SALSA-Safe and local supplier assurance, Advice on Food labelling & food legislation, Waste and environmental controls and carbon foot printing. Serving UK- mainly Scotland, Central Scotland and North of Scotland, Highlands, Islands, Moray, Grampian, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, Central Scotland, Stirling, Fife, Perth, Edinburgh, Lothian, Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Overseas projects are handled too.

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