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Our History
Food Technical Services were established in 2007 by Ian Meek :

  • A Food Industry Technical specialist.
  • Operating in the industry since  the mid 80s,  in Production and Technical Management/Directorship roles within the meat and fish sectors.
  • Supplying ready to eat and ready to cook products  to large and small retailers, foodservice and other manufacturers across the globe.
  • Coordinating new factory builds, and with others developing  production processes, systems and  effective teams, attaining top level  accreditations (EFSIS BRC etc).

Approval and Certification:

  • An honours degree in Food Technology (Reading University),
  • Advanced HACCP –credit (Camden BRI)
  • Fellowship  of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST)
  • IFST approval as a mentor (detail) and listed as a food industry consultant (detail)
  • Royal Environmental health institute approved trainer (detail)

Since 2007, Food Technical services have:

  • Developed a strong client base - a broad range of largely manufacturing businesses from micro to large scale (turnover over £1billion)
  • Handled many hundreds of projects for a wide range of clients across ambient, chilled, and frozen sectors:
         - Suppliers of fish shellfish, game, meat and dairy products, vegetables, grain
         - Manufacturers of pates, ready meals, baked goods, confectionery, pies, soups,
           sandwiches, pickled kelp, beer, spirits,  packed and processed 
           fruit and vegetables,
         - ambient stable dips and preserves, cheeses, cured / smoked / cooked
            meats, fish and cheese.
         -  Aquaculture businesses, Aquaculture service providers,
         -  Also equipment and packaging manufacturers, Caterers, Care homes, Health
          Authorities. Local Government Authorities,  Government enforcement authorities
          and agencies occasionally seek our support in our specialist areas (ready to
          eat fish products). (more)
  • Developed  an excellence in support services based on a passion for the industry, knowledge and good networks, listening skills, training skills and organisational ability.

See example projects listed by project type [here]. Example projects listed by client type [here].

Here are few selected comments from clients. Names locations and details withheld to protect client confidentiality:
  • Bakery (HACCP course candidate)
    “…the real life examples, the exercises and the demonstration of a clear and logical structure helped, it’s now all beginning to make sense.”

    Crab processor (MD):
    ”..assisted us with our crab cooking factory design & spec. Definitely recommended.”

    Drinks Processor (Owner):
    “With his biotechnology contacts and selected use of enzymes, Ian helped us through critical yield and quality improvements. Very helpful.”

    Exporter of animal product (Director)
    “Thanks for all the work you did at short notice ……” (after being drafted in to provide supporting evidence during Government legal action against the exporter).

    Fish smoker (MD):

    “....helped resolve our EHO issues and guided us through developing “ambient stable long life” products, to enable export business expansion. We continue with the support and confidence it gives us.”

    Food smoker (MD):
    Solved a Listeria issue, great.”
  • Shellfish processor (HACCP course candidate)
    “Your exercises with examples from our factory, the step by step logic sequence and copies of all slides, leaves me feeling a lot more confident about our HACCP project.”

    International seafood business
    (Technical Director of site):
    “Thank you for this very comprehensive and useful report” (Part of project to assist in their plant expansion into cooked and ready to eat products).

    Multinational aquaculture/processing business (UK MD) -
    (UK MD) – “Great news yesterday thanks for all your input it wouldn’t have happened without your help, now for the hard bit keeping up the momentum and delivering!” (after providing leadership/guidance that helped regain supply of ready to eat products to a top UK retailer).

    Vegetable processor/curer,
    (Technical Manager)

    “Thanks for the support - the audit went really well this time….” Comments made following a BRC issue 6 re audit.
Past Accreditations : Organic, CLAS, Kosher, EFSIS and BRC
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