Food Industry Technical Management Services for Food Manufacturers and Handlers in Inverness , Grampian, Highlands & Islands, Moray & The North of Scotland

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The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) have approved Food Technical Services as a training centre for the following courses: HACCP - Introductory (level 1), Intermediate (level 3) Food Hygiene - Introductory (level 1), Elementary (level 2), and Intermediate (level 3). [more]   The professional body in the UK for all aspects of Food Science and Technology. Ian is a Fellow of the IFST. The IFST list Ian as an approved advisor for a variety of food product types:    They also list Ian on their consultancy register, as used by national governments as a source of industry expertise. [more]
A respected  food manufacturing certification scheme established by  BRC, FDF, BHA, NFU and the ISFT that enables producers to access retailers or caterers without the costs or complexities of the BRC scheme. As a SALSA-IFST approved advisor we can offer mentoring (which may be 3rd party funded) to prepare businesses for audit. [more]

British Retail Consortium.
Scotland Food & Drink - Development Organisation.
UK Food Standards Agency.
DEFRA - UK Department for Evironmental, Food & Rural Affairs.
About Organics - Useful Information about Organic Food & Approval.
IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.
Useful food industry links – via the Leatherhead food site.
On Track Training - Hospitality industry training provider that were associated with.
Practically Green - Environmental consultancy that were associated with: ISO 14001 systems, energy use and awareness, greenhouse gas/carbon management etc.
Assistance with Food Quality Management, Food Safety, HACCP and Food Hygiene
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Experienced Food Technologist, experienced Food industry Technical Director and Technical Manager (poultry meat and fish), Contract Food Technologist, Contract Food Industry Technical Manager, Interim Technical Manager. IFST listed consultant and mentor, High care Ready to eat Seafood specialist, Raw and ready to eat meat and seafood expertise. Specialist in smoked fish products, Specialist in HACCP, Provider of food industry technical management services – technical support and advice – food factory staff training Food safety systems, Food microbiological issues, Enforcement authority issues and achieving technical acceptance - Meat hygiene service MHS, Environmental Heath EHO, Trading Standards TSO, Gaining accreditation: BRC, British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard, Organic Food standards, SALSA- Safe and local supplier assurance, Mentoring for accreditations: BRC, British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard, Organic Food standards, SALSA-Safe and local supplier assurance, Advice on Food labelling & food legislation, Serving UK- mainly Scotland, Central Scotland and North of Scotland, Highlands, Islands, Moray, Grampian, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, Central Scotland, Stirling, Fife, Perth, Edinburgh, Lothian, Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Overseas projects are handled too.

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